Intermedia’s Spam Caller Protection to Identify and Block Fraudulent Calls

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2 min readMar 3, 2021

Intermedia, a UCaaS firm based in Sunnyvale, CA, has a new stage that can certify and block robocalls and spam calls.

Intermedia, a UCaaS and collaboration provider, has launched a Spam Caller Protection for Intermedia Unite, its all-in-one business phone, and communication system.

According to a research, approx. 87 percent of U.S. consumers answer calls only from numbers they know. Most of the users also miss out on Legal demands as they suspect it to be spam. The number of spam calls has increased by about eight times since 2017 and is expected to follow a similar rise in 2019.

Intermedia’s new Spam Caller Protection provides businesses with a call detection device to identify scammers and robocalls. It provides alerts to the enterprises before they answer the call, and the calls can be blocked if they’re found to be spam or fraudulent before they even reach the enterprises. This device comes free for all Unite users.

This new stage by Intermedia offers better security as it extends to all Intermedia Unite end-point tools, which also include Unite desktop and mobile apps. It helps businesses prevent any financial harm caused by fraud calls without companies’ need to maintain a specific block list.

Spam Caller Protection not only boosts security but also increases employee productivity. Employees will save a reasonable amount of time by not answering spam calls, which maximizes their work efficiency. It also offers better control and flexibility as IT administrators can control tagging and blocking spam calls depending on the organization’s needs. This will mean tagging will alert users of unwanted inbound calls and blocking actions to protect them from seeing any calls.

Intermedia is a provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and business cloud email. The enterprise delivers secure communication and collaboration solutions to its partners and clients. Intermedia was also featured in Enterprise Networking Magazine as one of the Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers 2017.



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